Sunday, April 4, 2010

Reshape the Nation

By D. Heather Green

Recently, I have become involved with the Reshape the Nation online body transformation program.  This service has allowed me to have access to very knowledgeable information regarding health and wellness and to be engaged with others who share the same common interest.  I started this program so that I could learn about how diet and exercise can help me achieve a healthier lifestyle and to have the opportunity to be involved with others seeking the same thing.  To be honest I was a little disappointed in the fact I was not able to engage with other Reshape the Nation members liked I had hoped.  The blog postings are like a twitter format and a message board with limited the access to other members.  With the current time restrains I have it was hard for me to stay as consistent with the program as I would have liked but still think overall it was beneficial.  As a social media tool Reshape the Nation is limited in its current form.  I think if the program allowed members more access to actively engage in conversation with one another this program would be even more beneficial.  I also think it would give the feel of a community involvement which is what the creator of Reshape tries to communicate.  Losing weight and staying healthy is a difficult for most people but could be made a little easier when one has the support and involvement of ours.  It was difficult getting others involved with this social media tool.  I also tried using posts on my facebook account to help engage others in the Reshape the Nation movement but was not successful in recruiting any followers.

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